All That Glitters Series

All That Glitters explores ideas of value and illusion, while evoking the preciousness of something lost, that ceased to be, that has been transformed, or that never was quite what it seemed.

Criatura Series

Criaturas is an ongoing series of objects and jewelry inspired by tantalizing organisms. Each piece is a hybrid of an extensive collection of visual impressions with opposing qualities: attractive and repulsive, beautiful and grotesque, familiar and yet exotic. I strive to translate these qualities into objects that are ambiguous in form and color as to avoid the allocation of identification, therefore asking the audience to take a fresh look at surfaces, textures, colors and forms combined into whole new entities.

The use of materials such as wire, fibers and magnets embedded in the pigmented silicone allows for my work to be flexible, colorful and sometimes wearable in unexpected ways. A brooch or necklace composed of three or more parts, for example, allows the wearer to rearrange the piece in different ways or to wear fewer parts at a time. The use of magnets replaces conventional clasps and adds to the playfulness and versatility of each wearable creature.

Carnivora Series

From a fascination of carnivorous plants came a desire to create a body of work in rubber, one that understood that their beautiful shapes and colors are inextricably linked to their function to allure. When worn on the body, the incorporation of materials like spring steel and magnets to rubber allows my jewelry to grab onto your arm or stick to your skin: then, the relation between the body and my jewelry becomes evident.

Cristina Dias

Jewelry and Art